Tuesday, December 29, 2009

global OM project

(click image to enlarge. print out, cut along dotted line, and fold to make a small book)

at the turn of the millennium, i tried to muster up interest in a global meditation in the form of a world-wide OM chant. i made this publicity flier before access to the internet was so ubiquitous. i still feel just as strongly about the power of sound to harmonize the world...anyone up for joining me in howling some good vibes at the moon for 5 minutes starting at 11:55pm on thursday, wherever you may be?


Brenda Hutchinson said...

Hi Alyce- YEAH! I'll howl-- How about adding some bells to the mix??? dailybell20008 and still going-- About to enter year 3?!??! Can you believe. Happy 2010! -Brenda

alyce santoro said...

brenda - so WONDERFUL - yes, yes, BELLS!!! 3 years - that's AMAZING!! happy 2010 to you!! xoa