Sunday, September 14, 2008

art studios = particle accelerators = cathedrals

i made this piece (letterpress and litho, 15"x 11", ed. of 4) way back in 2000. with all the excitement around the firing-up of the new CERN particle accelerator (there's a nice article on it in the ny times by brian greene), i dug it out of the archives.

we humans feel compelled to delve into the deepest mysteries of the universe in so many different ways.

i'm not sure if it will be science, art, philosophy, spirituality, or a combination of all of these, that will provide definitive proof that we're all made out of the same ONE THING...

but i do believe that a discovery of this magnitude has the capacity to transform humanity in much the same way that the wielding of fire transformed it millennia will provide us with a tool, a key to connecting with the will enable us to interact and communicate more efficiently with the mysterious thing within us and without us from whence our thoughts, passions, and inspirations emerge.